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Mediation (expenses are equally shared between the parties unless another arrangement is agreed upon)


  • Up to 5 hours:  $1575.00


  • Up to 8 hours:  $2500.00


Training and Labour Relations Consulting


$230.00 per hour ($1250.00 minimum per day)​


For actual and reasonable expenses, including meeting rooms, mileage, train or airfare, conference call expenses, preparation of training materials and accommodation (where required).  Mileage is charged at the rate of $0.65 per km after the first 30 km.  Travel time is not subject to a fee unless there are extraordinary travel requirements.


Cancellation Fees


31 or more calendar days of notice: No Charge

If day is replaced with another matter prior to 30 calendar days:  No Charge

Less than 31 calendar days of notice or if day is not replaced with another matter: $2000.00


30 calendar days or less of notice:  $750.00


All fees are subject to HST

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