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Focusing on Interests, not  Positions

Fernando Reis has over 25 years of labour relations expertise.  He worked as an organizer, union representative, legal advocate and held the position of Director of the Legal Department of UFCW Local 175, one of North America's largest private sector unions.


He has negotiated collective agreements in the most varied of sectors, presented and argued both interest and rights arbitration cases, conducted legal research, trained union representatives and has been involved in hundreds of mediations. 

As Director, he manged a staff of 7 in-house legal counsel and

coordinated all work assigned to outside legal firms.


Fernando has always employed a common sense approach to the resolution of workplace conflict.  He understands the barriers that often arise in negotiating a resolution to a dispute and employs various strategies to overcome impasse.  With a focus on interests rather than positions, he has gained the respect and trust of both labour and management.

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